Polar Bear Town

243x137_oln_polar-bear-townSet in a unique Arctic town with true northern exposure, Polar Bear Town is a half-hour documentary series that provides a front-row seat for some of the closest human-bear encounters ever seen on television.

Every fall, 1,000 seal-starved polar bears migrate directly through the frontier town of Churchill, Manitoba. The population explodes from 800 to 10,000 with the arrival of tourists seeking bucket list bear encounters.

Armed with nothing but a flare pistol, young gun Kelsey Eliasson guides his clients amongst the majestic bears – driven by passion and passion and adventure, he pushes ever closer, determined to protect both the clients and the bears. His friend and mentor, Dennis Compayre is a bear whisperer whose charm works as well with the bears as it does with the locals. Former hippie lothario, Brian Ladoon may not be a guide, but he operates a roadside attraction where his Eskimo dog kennel attracts curious bears and cash toting tourists.

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The Last Dogs of Winter

The Last Dogs Of Winter posterSince 1976, Churchill dog handler Brian Ladoon has been trying to save from extinction the rarest registered breed in the world, the Canadian Eskimo Dog. Brian is a dog person, not a people person, and his methods – which include chaining his animals outside in sub-zero temperatures, where polar bears roam – have won him both admiration and controversy. This beautifully shot documentary by New Zealand filmmaker Costa Botes captures one man’s tenacious efforts to preserve an animal and a disappearing way of life.

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Toronto was wonderful

We had a great time in Toronto. Caleb and Brian were the stars. They signed some autographs etc. I love the film and I hope that it will bring help to the Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation.

A couple of people gave me donations at the screenings. We had wonderful meals and the New Zealand Film Board treated us like royality.

Penny Rawlings

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The Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation was established to facilitate a better understanding of the Canadian Eskimo Dog, and to promote and SAVE what is one of the last remaining strongholds for this extraordinary breed.