The Canadian Eskimo dog is the most Renowned animal in Canadian and World History

tikaaniMost Canadians well know nothing about this ultimate Breed. The main and supreme power, for polar exploration, as well as many, many more Tasks which other breeds have taken credit for. This dog is the ultimate home Grown Wonder. To look at a Canadian Eskimo Dog, is to take a trip into the past. An Imperialistic Breed which has proven itself over the years, to adapt to the harshness of the Canadian polar reign. As well as making their mark on the world only to be forgotten, and brandished with such names as brazen, ill tempered and malicious.

These statements could not be further from the truth. These ill truths come from people whom would rather control a dog then have one as part of a family. Other than a Heart Warming part of our family, loyal loving and ever so focused on their pack, Even if their pack is human. The will stand firm to protect pack, whether the pack has 2 legs or 4.¬†Being a lifelong dog lover, it was a magnificent day in the fall of 1998. When bringing home, the first of our 4 legged family members. This was the day I found love and loyalty in the eyes of a Canadian Eskimo dog, puppy we named Takoda. Since that day I’ve been a proud supporter for the Canadian Eskimo dog. Not a well known Breed the CED is almost always mistaken for a Siberian, Alaskan malamute or the many Husky Breeds. All of which is extremely distressing. Due to the fact, that in this little mistake the most important thing is lost. These Guys are GREAT!!!!

Unlike other northern breeds these dogs come when called. As well as being one of the most majestic looking dogs. To be able to have a CED in your life is like no other. I could never imagine my life without the Canadian Eskimo dogs in it. Friendly, warm, loving and totally loyal what more could anyone ask for. These guys are happy playing with your kid’s in the back yard, or even in the house. Highly intelligent you can teach these dogs anything. I’ll give you a little tail.

Since the first CED we bought way back when, to date. I had an idea, I’d teach our dogs to ring a bell if they needed to go outside or come in. My family and friends all thought I was Crazy. They would see these Christmas bells hanging from my door knobs, the handles for the screen doors outside and they would laugh. Should have seen their faces at our son Birthday party, after our King dog Takoda walked over and rang the bells. I let him out. He returned rang the bells again on the outside. I let him in and pranced across to the living room looked at everyone as if to say, “So There” and followed me into the kitchen. I could not have been more proud.

October 2008 was another beautiful day in Fort McMurray. “Freezing Rain” but that’s Northern Canada for you. Although through my eye’s it was the rose glow of anticipation. This was the day we added another of Brian’s Beautiful Pack to our home. This little ball of fur was to be called Tikaani. This in Inuit means Wolf.

Now let’s talk about the forefather of the Canadian Eskimo dog Foundation Brian Ladoon. He alone in the early 1970’s made it his lifelong goal to save a dying breed. This man deserves our respect and honor for what he has single handedly done for this majestic Breed. Brian’s plight is as sad as the CED’s. I have known Brian and Penny since the purchase of our 2nd Canadian Eskimo dog Lootah best friend to our son in 1999. He was on a visit to southern Ontario. Although if you want to see him. You better get on a plain and late night phone calls area given, because Brian is a very busy man. Penny you will find bubbly, warm and you can’t help but falling in love with them both. Exceedingly knowledgeable and extremely helpful. You could not find a better breeder. Dedicated to their cause as we all are. I would personally never buy from anyone else.

As Brain state to hear the wolfish call of an Eskimo dog is to be irresistible drawn to him for life. I can personally attest to this fact. The heart wrenching call of the Canadian Eskimo dog can be an acquired taste, especially when they all decide to join in on the symphony.

Lifelong supporter of the Majestic Canadian Eskimo dog
I’d have no other breed I’m a CED Through and through!!

Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation

The Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation was established to facilitate a better understanding of the Canadian Eskimo Dog, and to promote and SAVE what is one of the last remaining strongholds for this extraordinary breed.