Volunteers and Donators

Come and experience the true North, become a volunteer helper!

Volunteer Helpers

Suzanne M. Lester, from Baltimore, Maryland


  • Suzanne M. Lester, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Shane Barbetti, Victoria, Australia
  • John A Forsyth, New South Wales, Australia
  • Paul Ivshenko, New South Wales, Australia
  • Loretta Horne, Victoria, Australia
  • E Louise Jackson, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Cherie Bridger-Dorotich, Halls Head, Australia
  • Kenneth Vicknair, Port Townsend, United States
  • David Glazebrook, Woden, Australia

Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation

The Canadian Eskimo Dog Foundation was established to facilitate a better understanding of the Canadian Eskimo Dog, and to promote and SAVE what is one of the last remaining strongholds for this extraordinary breed.